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Sam Hassine
When Sam Hassine, G.G, opened his flagship store, Nuggets and Carats in Mission Viejo, he was prepared to serve a brand new community with old style personal customer service mixed with exclusive custom jewelry designed and created on site. 

Sam took a degree as a graduate gemologist earned at GIA in 1980, and partnered in a worldwide wholesale diamond company called Richold Inc., in the heart of the diamond district in Los Angeles. Soon he would discover his heart was in creating and designing jewelry for retail clients, and using his skills based on fundamental principles of customer service, quality, and integrity, he etched this into the building of his business, Nuggets and Carats, which celebrates its 27th year in 2013. 
The combination of his three decades of wholesale and retail experience recently lead to the announcement that Nuggets and Carats was voted in the top three retail Jewelers in OC , as voted in the Best of Orange County Register, for 2012. 

He understands longevity is earned and can only be attained by making a positive impact and having pride in your work.
If you can trust the man, you can trust his business.

Brian Hassine

In 1989, three years after opening their flagship store in Mission Viejo it was time to introduce Nuggets and Carats to the city of Laguna Niguel. Brian Hassine was ready to combine his design skills and jewelry bloodline to continue the standard of expectations of clientele care and spectacular jewelery that was expected. 

After leaving UCLA in 1984, Brian trained his eye for creation by working at an exclusive art gallery before joining his brother. Two years later he graduated from the California School of Gemology, and he combined his knowledge of art with his knowledge of jewelry to become the leading jeweler along the weatlhy and affluent coastline. He understands the meaning of reputation and pride, and the expecations of clients. Brian has spent the past two decades reciprocating for the hundreds of personal referrals, by establishing a presence in large and small chartiable organizations. 

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